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1. SOLVING EMMA'S DILEMMA - Hidden secrets of Multifocal fitting

Have you ever really wanted a multifocal contact lens fit to have a better outcome? This webinar explores the challenges we and our patients historically have faced when trying to get the best vision from a multifocal lens. Together we will explore these common difficulties and how best to overcome them with practical in consulting room tips, leaving us with more available chair time and happy, loyal longterm multifocal contact lens wearers! (Lecture plus MCQ questions carry 1 CET point).

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2. SOLVING EMMA'S DILEMMA - Seal the Deal with your Multifocal Contact Lens Patients

Join us for this thought provoking and informative webinar looking at how best to communicate vision correction options with our presbyopic patients. Working in optics we sometimes forget how this is an area of confusion and lack of understanding for our patients - this webinar considers how we can provide clear and accurate guidance to meet our patients growing needs. (Lecture plus MCQ questions carry 1 CET point).

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3. SOLVING EMMA'S DILEMMA - The true cost of an instable tearfilm

When was the last time you really thought about a patients tearfilm and it’s relevance  to contact lens wear? As clinicians we often examine basic elements of the tearfilm before a contact lens fit but do we really consider how the contact lens and tearfilm interact? This webinar allows us to gain practical insight in to this topic to ensure our fits deliver the best physical and visual comfort every time. (Lecture plus MCQ questions carry 1 CET point).

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4. SOLVING EMMA'S DILEMMA - Is Visual Acuity 1.0 good enough?

How would you define good vision? Ever really asked yourself that question beyond the realms of recording 1.0 from the Snellen chart? This webinar expands our thinking  and practical assessment in this interesting area. What might our patients gain if we started to think about the elements of their real world vision that impact them every day. Join us to consider how we can help our patients to see even better by thinking outside of the (consulting room) box! (Lecture plus MCQ questions carry 1 CET point).

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Maximising Patient Success - The Importance of a Stable Lens

Maximizing Patient and Practice Success Webinar 2

Part 2 of the webinar series will focus on toric designs in contact lenses, why it’s important and what differentiates it from one another.

With the ever-expanding array of contact lenses on the market it can be difficult to know which one to reach for to get happy and loyal customers.

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Maximizing Patient Success: Efficient and successful fitting of Multifocal contact lenses

Part 3 of this webinar takes a closer look at the presbyopic customer: Who they are and the challenges they might have. We will also take a deep dive into why it is challenging to fit these customers. There is a huge potential in this category to make more presbyopic customers happier and more satisfied with their vision correction and you are the key to unlocking that potential.

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